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Living Air Purifiers - Cleaning Your Air?

Posted on April 1, 2024 by Richard Cyr

Living Electronic home air cleaners are manufactured, and also other brands, such as for example OXYGEN, by Ecoquest, an organization that make an effort to enhance the quality of the living environment of families around the globe. And while that is undoubtedly a noble quest, many experts and consumers question the power of Living Electronic home air cleaners to meet this adequately.

Living Electronic home air cleaners take their place at the bigger end of the indoor air cleanser market, costing just as much as $700 for an individual room climate purifier. Even though many consumer reviews rate Living Electronic home air cleaners highly, there is absolutely no escaping the truth that these indoor air cleaners include a substance an increasing amount of experts claim is damaging to your health - ozone.

While many consumers report improved quality of air within their homes by using a Living Air cleanser, even those that experience such debilitating conditions as asthma, a growing amount of experts are citing evidence that shows that ozone could cause long-term harm to a person's lungs. So while a full time income Air cleanser might bring instant relief to allergy and asthma sufferers, there could well be considered a more far-reaching price to be paid by using these indoor air cleaners.

The more immediate effects that consumers have reported by using a Living Air cleanser add a strong odor of ozone in the house, and persistent headaches. Some users discover that these effects could be reduced by operating Living Electronic home air cleaners at a lesser setting, even though this might get rid of the typical symptoms an indoor air cleanser is introduced to combat, there remains the threat posed by ozone.

Though expensive, Living Electronic home air cleaners are usually reported to be effective in removing particles and dust from the air. But, through the use of ozone within their design, chances are that these climate purifiers are emitting something a lot more dangerous compared to the particles they eliminate.

Living Electronic home air cleaners are costly and emit ozone. Maybe they aren't the very best indoor air cleaners.