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Make Your Eyewear Last Longer With Proper Care, Cleaning, And Repair

Posted on December 6, 2021 by Richard Cyr

If you wear any type of eyeglasses, then you do not have to be told how expensive they can be. No, we are not talking about branded eyewear, but even un-branded eye glasses can cost a pretty penny, and that's why it's important that you get the most from each pair. To assist you with just that, here are a few useful hints for caring and cleaning your eyeglasses. In addition to regular care, we'll also talk about some do-it-yourself procedures for repairing your eyeglasses.

1) Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

- Make it a point to clean your eyewear each day. Just simple soapy solution and some warm water will do just fine. This will help to rid your lenses of oily smudges and dusty residue, which won't only increase the life span of your glasses, however you'll find a marked improvement in the quality of vision also.

- Do not be one of those folks who wash their glasses when they are dry. This can leave unsightly scratches and marks in your glasses. Always remember to wet your eyewear before wiping it. In the absence of eyeglass cleaning solution, plain water will do just fine.

- While on the topic of eyeglass cleaners, here is some helpful information on them. Liquid eyeglass cleaners and eye glass cleaning boxes can make life a lot easier for you. Many sorts of eye glass cleaners are available in the markets, all which are extremely easy to use. By using such eye glass cleaners, cleaning your eyewear will no longer be a chore.

- Isopropyl alcohol can work wonders for your eyeglasses and will leave your lenses looking shiny and clean. You simply have to spray a little bit in your glasses and then gently wipe dry.

- Another frequent mistake that many individuals make while cleaning their glasses is to use any sort of fabric or even paper tissue to wipe their glasses. This is a large no-no. Tissue, towels, and regular fabric can harm your glasses and cause scratch marks. To avoid this, you need to make use of special eyeglass cleaning cloth to wash your eyewear.

2) Caring For Your Eyewear

Using, handling, and keeping your eyeglasses correctly; all are vital for proper care of your glasses. Here is how you can guarantee just that:

- Never remove your eyewear by holding merely one of the ear rails. Eliminating your glasses with one hand ought to be avoided so that the ear rails maintain their shape and don't get turned or bent. Hold the ear rails, one in each hand, and then remove your glasses carefully.

- after you have taken such care to remove your glasses, don't proceed to set down them any which way. Glasses should be folded and then put down with the lens side facing upwards. Never set your glasses down to their lenses as this can damage the pair.

- If you are not going to use your eyewear for a while, you should keep them away. For temporary storage usage your eyeglass holder, else use a protective eyeglass case to keep your glasses in. In addition to maintaining your eyewear away from harm, an eyeglass case will also make certain that your eye glasses are always at hand and you don't have to look about in frustration for them.

- Prior to storing your glasses in their case, wrap a 100% cotton fabric around them so that they are better protected.

3) With An Eyeglass Repair Kit

Although not all damage can be repaired with an eyeglass repair kit, there are many minor issues that can easily be adjusted using such a kit. Some of those do-it-yourself repairs that you can do on your eyewear are:

- A very common reason for eyeglasses to come apart is loose or missing screws. An eyeglass repair kit has various size screws that can easily be used to replace a lost one. And when a screw just happens to be loose, then you can use the tools in the kit to tighten them and Voila! Your glasses are ready to go.

- Another repair that can be performed with an eyeglass repair kit is that of broken hinges. If your metal hinge has broken off from the frame, you just have to make use of some powerful adhesive (available with the kit) and stick the hinge back in place. After cleaning the hinge and eliminating any old glue from it, then you should dab a small amount of adhesive on both parts of the broken hinge and then press into place.

- Your eyeglasses can get bent out of shape when the hinge gets loose. If that appears to be the issue, you should use the set of pliers and gently bend the hinge back into as near the original place as you can. This usually takes care of a lop-sided frame.

Thus, by following these simple tips for eyeglass caring, cleaning, and repair; you can make certain that your eyeglasses serve you for a very long time.