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I Skip Meals, Why Aren't I Losing Weight?

Posted on June 7, 2021 by Richard Cyr

A huge mistake that many people make is skipping meals. They think they're not eating much so that they need to be losing weight. Wrong!

Your body was designed with the concept that you must expend energy to be able to get food. If you think back a hundred or more years ago, in case you wanted to eat something you had to go searching regular or develop your own food. And that's lots of work - that is lots of physical activity. And even though we no longer need to do so, it doesn't alter the fact that our bodies continue to be designed this way. So once you skip a meal, your body really thinks that you are out in the wild and, for any reason, food is hard to find. This is a built in survival mechanism that most people have - it is built in. When your body thinks food is tough to find, it does two things to protect you from starving. It slows your metabolism causing your body to slow down and burn less fat. Secondly the meal you eat after you skip a meal will be converted almost entirely to fat and stored - to safeguard you from starving. So in case you skip breakfast, just about all of what you eat for lunch is converted into fat. We think we are taking in less food but in fact were causing our bodies to store fat.

Your metabolism is wholly controllable by you. You can lose weight easily in the event that you speed up your metabolism naturally and safely.

Increasing your lean muscle mass enables your body to burn more fat because it requires more effort to sustain muscle than it does fat. As a result, the more lean muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism is very likely to be. Thus, your exercise regime should include not just fat burning exercises but also some muscle building exercise. Women should note that this doesn't mean you must get'beefy' but only tone up your muscles.

Protein also plays a significant part in this procedure. Girls should normally consume about 100 grams of protein each day and men 150 grams. This can be very tricky to achieve unless you take a protein supplement. Then you know exactly how much protein you're consuming and it's significantly easier to control.

So the message is:

1. Do not skip meals - you will find yourself putting on weight.

2. Build lean muscle mass by doing a combination of weight training in addition to fat burning exercises.

3. Ensure that you are consuming the proper amount of protein daily to assist in building lean muscle mass.