Fluid Retention – How to Solve This Problem With Water

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Many folks have issues with fluid retention. This is when the body is retaining fluid under the skin. The results are clear: bloated feet and ankles, swollen hands, and swelling around the eyes. Women can be particularly bothered by it around the time of the monthly periods, but guys cope with it, too, even if we do not realize it. And even though it can be uncomfortable, what bothers most people is their look that bloated and fat-looking look.

Fluid retention can be a sign of bigger health issues. So if you’re having problems with it on more than an occasional basis, have a competent medical care provider check you out. When there’s no inherent problem, let water come to your rescue.

Ironically enough, water is the cure for your typical, run-of-the-mill fluid retention. Like fighting fire with fire, you can fight fluid with water. When you have fluid retention, then the body is trying to retain fluids. What you will need to do is open the body to more fluid, in this case, in the kind of water.

Most people that are on a regular intake of 10-20 glasses of water every day will have no issues with fluid retention. But when fluid retention begins, immediately increase your water consumption. Cut back on any tea or coffee intake, and avoid alcohol intake. At exactly the exact same time, cut down salt intake. (Another ironic thing: if you’re taking in enough water, salt is almost never an issue. Do not over-do it, but love salt, and maintain drinking water, and nearly all of the issues we normally associate with salt intake will disappear. However, for this time, cut down salt instead. You don’t need to give it up completely, but reduce your intake).

Allow yourself to rest. If possible, lie down and elevate your feet higher than the rest of the body. But the most important thing is to get a great deal of fluids flowing through your body. You need to show your body that there is loads of water available, and no reason for it to hoard any! Monitor the colour of your urine: recall, it ought to be a straw color. If it’s darker or muddy, that is a sure sign that the body is in need of more fluid. So give yourself some. And also make yourself feel better, and make your body look better.