Cut Down the Number of Smoked Cigarettes Per Day

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It has been demonstrated for most times that smoking is of a large amount of adverse health effects and, generally, with poor general health. The troubles due to smoking extend beyond the well-reported links with cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory illnesses. Smoking has been found guilty to cause impotence, ulcers and fertility problems and it’s really doesn’t just harm smokers.

Heavy smokers can decrease their threat of lung cancer should they dramatically decrease the amount of smoked cigarettes each day. This is a significant news, as just a minority of smokers can stop smoking completely. They need to learn that the more they are able to reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke, the more they’ll decrease their threat of lung cancer.

On another hand, recent studies figured there isn’t a safe level for smoking as light smokers also had significantly higher death rates than those that had never smoked. This rate is 1.5 times higher generally.

Researches concluded:

Men and women who smoke 1-4 cigarettes each day are almost 3 x as more likely to die of coronary artery disease.

Men who smoke someone to four cigarettes daily are almost 3 x as more likely to die by cardiovascular disease.

Women who smoke someone to four cigarettes daily increase almost five times the opportunity of dying from lung cancer.

Researches also concluded the only method to safeguard smokers from cancer, cardiovascular disease, along with other killer diseases would be to quit completely.